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Selling Diana

According to an article published in the Daily Mail, Princess Diana’s Most “Ornate and Romantic”Set Up To Fetch Up To 80,000 at Auction”, the deceased princess will have one of her favorite dresses up for auction.


The ball gown, designed by Emanuel, was part of his 1986 “Diaghilev” collection and was said to be Princess Diana’s most romantic and beautiful gown. Looking as though this gown was taken out of Cinderella’s own closet, the dress has a aura of fantasy and mystical to it.

Said to be inspired by Leon Bakst’s designs for Diaghilev’s Ballet Russes, the gown white chiffon with gold sequins, pearls beads, and crystals. The dress was paired with off shoulder sleeve attachments and a thick headband of the same design. With a gown do beautiful, and filled with such luxuries, it is no surprise that this ball gown is said to be Princess Diana’s most romantic dress.


Unlike most gowns worn by those of royal standing, this dress say the light of day on more then one occasion. Originally selected to be worn for a Red Cross benefit fashion show in 1986, the Princess was pictured wearing the gown three more time. She wore it while attending the Royal Opera House for a performance of “Ivan The Terrible”, the premiere of James Bond at the Odeon, and while attending a banquet for the President of the Republic of Germany.


This beautiful, and famous, ball gown will be auctioned off threw Kerry Taylor Auctions, which are known for the selling historical pieces of clothing. These pieces include items, such as King Charles I nightshirt, Kate Middleton’s see-through fashion show dress and Princess Diana’s couture velvet ‘Travolta’ gown.

ImagePrincess Diana’s dress looks like it was plucked from the heart of a fairytale, and hopefully, whoever buys it will feel like a princess for themselves.

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