As with my other article, I speak about how I have had troubles, or as I like to call them, “accidents” with my hair. One of the biggest accidents I have ever had with my hair, aside from a sixty year old rookie hair dresser giving me a cut that could only be described as a cross between a 1970’s house wife and a pixie cut, was trying to add extensions to my thin hair. I could never get it right; I either had the wrong shade or the wrong texture, I never bought enough, and I could never get them into my hair. They would either fall out, be really noticeable, or just feel plain weird.
Needless to say, after the fourth try, I sworn off all types of extensions and reverted back to olive oil hair massages to help grow out my hair.
But, that really stubborn part of me still wants to find out how to get the perfect extensions. And by perfect extensions, I mean not having to pay over $300 at a salon for them. I know that some off us do not have the money to spend that amount of money on hair, and even if you did, I would never ask that of you. Use that $300 dollars and buy a Michael Kors clutch!
After asking around friends who have extensions, talking to customers of different hair extension site, and searching YouTube, well, I think I may have something.
A video about placing in clip-on-extensions, created by Wendy Bently, was uploaded onto YouTube. This video is very informative and, even I, learned some valuable tips. So take a look at the video, trust me, her tips will definitely help you the next time you want to add extensions to your hair.

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