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Hair Changes

My hair and I have always had a love/hate relationship. Since the age of when I could truly control my hair, meaning the age in which my mother couldn’t drag me to the hair dressers kicking and screaming, I have taken full advantage of it.
Before I tell you about the “accidents” my hair and I got ourselves into over the past decade, I should probably tell you about what type of hair I was dealing with. I’m a brunette, though some like to call me blonde (It’s called natural highlights people…), whose hair is very thin, making me prone to have an oily scalp and dry ends. When let to air dry, my hair can get very curly and, there are even times, when I must rock the “white- girl” afro. The bottom line, if you had to compare my hair to any celebrity, it would be Cameron Diaz when she dyed her hair a shade of brunette.


Now that you know what type of hair I was dealing with, you may be able to understand why I constantly wanted to change or”fix” it. Well, this desire to fix my hair lasted over six years, all of which, took place during the years of cruel junior high and high school. Not the best times to make less then perfect changes, because as aloof as those kids my seem, they notice everything!

During those six years, I had put my hair through some “painful” things. So much so, that I feel a tingling on my scalp every time i stand in the hair dye aisle for to long; my hair is probably afraid that I would dye it again. And it has good reason, in the past six years I have dyed my hair over twelve different shades (Not TIMES, shades) and had my hair cut into over five different hairstyles, from down to my waist curls to a spiky boy cut.

Needless to say, I am done trying to change my natural hair, and I am proud to say that my hair is finally back to it’s original color, texture and had finally grown out to just below my shoulders.

But, while in high school, I was not the only person who was constantly changing their hair, and I would like to share a list of “Most Likely Hair Changes”

  • Cutting Long Hair To Short Hair


  • Dying Your Hair A Natural Color


  • Cutting Your Hair Into Bangs


  • Putting In Extensions


  • Dying The Tips An Unnatural Shade


I am sad to say that I have done most of the things on this list to my own hair and, even today, it is still trying to recover from all of the chemicals I put in it. Think twice before you make a major hair change, because you may only be doing it to make a change, not because you feel that it would make you look better. And remember, it only takes a single box of hair dye gone wrong, to ruin your hair for months, perhaps years.

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