Hey guys, I thought that I would do something different today. Instead of doing a video about fashion, cooking, or traveling, I thought that I would do a video about another art form. Unknown to many, art is more then just paint and pencils on a piece of paper. Instead, art can be anything from a doodle on the corner of your napkin to dying your hair a different color. Yes, that may sound corny, but I truly believe that there is art in everything.
One of the art forms that I enjoy the most is tattoos. Though I do not have any myself, YET, I have always been drawn to them. I have been trying to decide what tattoo to get since I was nine years old, and after a decade of trying to decide, I finally got it!
So, now that I know what my tattoo would be, the next order of business was finding the perfect shop. This was a lot harder then I expected it to be, but after looking for a few months I think I found the perfect shop.
And what would you know? It was only a ten minute walk from my university!
When I went to check it out, I found that the entire shop had a really good feel to it: great pieces, very clean, amazing stories. So, me being the aspiring journalist, decided to interview a tattoo artist, Nick, to try and find out just what was it like to be a tattoo artist.
This video is based around that interview, being made up of pictures and quotes I was able to get from the shop.

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