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Don’t Change

My older sister and two of her friends once gave me a piece of advice about boys. The four of us were driving in the car, when they decided that it was the time to let me in on a little secret about the male species, and how to attract them. Mind you, I was only thirteen at the time, so my first thought was, “Ew, I’m never going to kiss any of the boys in my class, they’re all gross”. But, never the less, even with my “somehow still innocence mind” repelling the idea of trying to get a boy nears me, I still took away some valuable advice that I still use today.

My older sister and her friends told me that any woman can be considered beautiful if they have there three things: a decent body, clear skin, and nice hair.


Now, I know that everyone here has a different opinion on what is seen as a decent body, so please don’t think that I am saying that “skinny” means decent, because I’m not. Personally, my definition of a decent body is one that has some meat of it, but at the same time, it is not to the point of harming your health. An ideal body could also be the body size that you feel happy in, no matter what number is printed on the tag; because if you are happy, then more guys are attracted to you, regardless f your size.

Personally, I am happier as a size 4 and 140lb, then I was when I was a size 0 and 105lb. There is a good chance that is because I can eat a bowl of pasta once in a while and not freak out; by me being a happier person, I have noticed more guys approaching me then when I was always miserable and hungry.


With all of these fashion and health magazines, both in print and online, surrounding us on a daily basis, it can be hard to feel good about your body. Articles about, “Lose 20lb in 20 Days”, “The Miracle of the Juice Fast”. “The UK Fast Diet”, are popping up every time you click on your computer, or while you are waiting on line at a grocery store. These articles and “tips” are so intertwined with our lives that, it is almost impossible, to separate yourself from them.

But I would just like to tell everyone this one thing…

…You are absolutely beautiful, and unless it is through your OWN desire, you do not have to change a single thing about you”

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