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The Right Way…

Well, last night around two in the morning, my darling roommate and her pledge brothers attacked me while I was walking back to my dorm room after a night out. And when I say “attack”, I mean they pretty much picked me up, shoved me in my friends car, and told me the plan before I was even able to let out a squeak of surprise.

My friends, who are all pledging the same sorority/fraternity, let it slip their minds that they had a bake sale the next morning. But here’s the real kicker, they haven’t backed a single item, or even bought ingredients for that matter.

Being the honorary pledge sister, because I am not actually pledging, and being the best cook in our whole group, they thought that they would kidnap me and make me bake their stuff. Seeing as I’m always up for an adventure, love to bake, wanted to help my friends out, and a little tipsy, I readily agreed to make over a two hundred baked goods at 3 a.m.

So, after hours of mixing, baking, and icing, the cupcakes were complete and the sun was just coming up. My friends and I decided to treat ourselves with a cupcake each, because come on, who doesn’t secretly want a cupcake for breakfast?

After not sleeping, baking for hours, and still in my 5” spiked heals, I was ready to devour that cupcake when my friend thought that it would be a good time to teach all of us of to “properly” eat a cupcake. Lets just say, none of us got to eat our cupcakes because we all threw them straight at his face….

But that had me thinking, if a person could eat a cupcake wrong, then what other foods can they be eating wrong?

  • Cupcake


The “Right” Way: Remove the bottom of the cupcake and place it on top like a sandwich. This will allow an equal amount of icing in each bite.

  • Cherry Tomatoes


The “Right” Way: Cut multiple cherry tomatoes (or grapes) at a time by placing them between two plastic lids and running your knife through the openings of the plastic lids.

  • Oreo


The “Right” Way: Stick a fork in between the chocolate cookies to dip the cookie. This will prevent your hands from getting messy.

  • Butter Popcorn


The “Right” Way: Place a straw on the butter dispenser and put the straw inside of the bag of popcorn. This will help you to get an even distribution of butter.

  • BLT


The “Right” Way: Put the bacon is a cross hatch design and then bake it in the oven. This will allow an equal amount of bacon in each bite

  • Cake


The “Right” Way: Use string, wire, or floss to cut cake with. This will allow your cake to be neatly cut and prevent crumbs from getting on the icing

Now you may agree or disagree with how to eat some of these items on tis list. Personally, I think it’s weird to put a fork in a Oreo cookie and then dip it. The whole fun of dipping a cookie is trying to see how far you can get your hand into the cup! If you have any other “Right” ways to eat something, then please leave a comment of it!

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