DIY Lipstain

This video is very easy to follow, gives great idea for staining your lips, and is way to good to be by me! All of the credits for this video go to the YouTube channel of HollyGoLightyxox.
If you are a regular visitor to this site, then you may know how much I love home remedies and DIYs.
Perhaps, the reason for this is because I had one, okay maybe twenty, allergic reactions too many. If there is a DIY or a home remedy that can replace a store bought product, I will always pick the home remedy. And if there isn’t? Well, I always manage to figure something out!
This video was very informative in how to make and apply lipstains and her step-by-step guide makes it doable for anyone. I love a nice red lip, but with a few “tweeks” of the ingredients, you have the ability to create any color you desire.

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