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Happy Birthday

“Happy Birthday To You,

 Happy Birthday To You,

 Happy Birthday Dear Mallomars,

 Happy Birthday To You”

Hey everyone, in case you haven’t heard yet, Mallomars is about to celebrate it’s 100th Anniversary!


For those of your who don’t know, perhaps you never been in a grocery store or escape from the rock you’ve been living under, mallomars are the s’mores version of cookie, aka, the mouth angel of the store bought gods. A mallomar cookie starts with a graham cracker base, which is then toped with a squishy marshmallow, before it is covered with a layer of dark chocolate.

Are you drooling yet?

In honor of the anniversary, Nabisco is offering mallomar lovers a chance to win $100 if they write in their favorite mallomar experience.  Stories could be of how you used to cook them in the microwave to create a marshmallow bubble to how you would give them to your father for his birthday when you were seven and only had $5 to your name.


The mallomar cookie is delicious with it’s fluff texture, hint of sweetness and depth of dark chocolate. They will be the only store bought cookie I will ever buy and hopefully I will be able to still buy them during the next hundred years.

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