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Jennifer Lawrence

Most people who have ever been cruelly judged by others or faced their unreasoned criticism, whether it was being told that you were too fat, too “unique”, or just not what that thought of as “perfect”, has the common desire to do one thing.

To look them straight in the eye and give a great big “HA!”


Sadly, though, most people do not get these sort of chances in their lives. So when we hear about a person having the opportunity to get the last laugh, well, what else can we do but sit back and applaud them. I sat back and applauded for the release of Britney Spear’s album, “Circus”; after her critics said that she was finished in the music industry. I sat back and applauded for the Robert Downey Jr. when he was chosen for the role of Iron Man after getting out of years of drug and alcohol abuse.

I believe in applauding those who come back after falling from grace.


That is why I gave one of my biggest mental applauds to Jennifer Lawrence, actress of the Hunger Games, for the appearance at the Catching Fire premiere. It was at this premiere that Jennifer Lawrence was able to give a great big “Ha Ha!” to all of her critics.

Though she has proved herself to be a worthy actress, her critics can’t seem to help themselves from picking apart her physical appearance. To them, it didn’t matter that she won an Oscar, they only cared about how she wasn’t a size 0. In the media she has been labeled as a “fat” actress, when in reality, she does not look anything bigger then what you would call slender.


Jennifer Lawrence’s “Ha, Ha!” moment was awarded for her stunning, yes she can be more stunning then normal, appearance at the Hunger Game: Catching Fire premiere. There, she wore a stunning black strapless leotard under a floor length dusty blue gown that was entirely sheer. She matched the beautiful dress with clunky black belt, platform sandals, and a textured black clutch. This outfit was truly jaw dropping and just goes to show that critics can pick apart even the most beautiful of people to find a flaw.
So, Jennifer Lawrence, I think I can speak for everyone when I say: sit back, applaud yourself, and give all those critics a great big “Ha Ha Ha”

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