Grilled Cheese

I always believed that the simplest foods were the most likely to turn out bad, or just plain uneatable. My kitchen has seen burnt gravy, plaster mashed potatoes, rubber chickens. I’m not exactly sure why this is, but I have always just thought of simple meals as being a one way ticket to calling in for pizza.
Though I can’t complain when my favorite pizza place has a cute delivery boy…
Making more complex dishes have always just been easier for me, perhaps it’s because there are more ways to fix them, but I don’t always have the time to make a marsala or a loin. Sometimes, I need a dish that is fast and easy.
Now what better dish is that then grilled cheese. The things is though, is that I have given up on grilled cheese when I was in high school and no matter what I did, I would always get burnt bread and “raw” cheese.
But Ina Garten, host of Barefoot Contessa, has given us a video of how to make grilled cheese, that I’m sure will help everyone out of their cheesy woes.
Let’s just hope she is good enough to save a repeat offender of the grilled cheese horrors…..Me!

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