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Toni Frissell

It’s easy to forget just how much time and talent goes into ever photograph of a fashion model. Most people only see the beautiful model, why wouldn’t you, the model and the clothes are what you looked at the picture for isn’t it? There is an entire system that is behind that one picture. There is the makeup artist, the lighting crew, the stylist.

Then there is the most vital person behind the photo shoot: The Photographer.


Born in 1907, Toni Frissell, was one of the best photographers of her time and is still seen as one of the best fashion photographers of the century. She is known for her work of World War II photographs and European portraits of people who vary greatly in social class. But what made Tori Frissell famous was her work as a fashion photographer.

As a photographer of Vogue and Harper Bazaar, Tori Frissell, was known for photographing women in an outdoor setting, even when wearing ball gowns, to portray an active woman. Her most iconic images were the photos she captured of models floating and swilling in the water full clothed.


An icon to fashion photography, an advocate to the active woman, and a WWII photographer, Toni Frissell’s work just goes to show that each photo shoot is more then just a pretty face.

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