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Beckham Donation

In a recent article, published by Daily Mail, it announced that Victoria and David Beckham are cleaning out their closets for charity. The iconic couple is best known for their equally greta taste in fashion and their ability to make even the most simplest of clothing look as though it came off of the runway. Come to think of it, I don’t think I even seen these two without fashionable clothes on. And no, David Beckham photo for his Armani underwear ad does not count, that was just a gift.


The couple was approached by the Red Cross about helping the survivors of the recent tragedy of the Haiyan Typhoon and were said to have “jumped at the chance”. What better way is there for a fashionable, and designer, couple to help but to infuse clothes into the situation. That is when they came up with the idea to donate all of their clothes to the Red Cross foundation.


The couples clothes will be auctioned off at the British Red Cross Shop Drop in the hopes of raising money for the survivors. From their matching outfits worn at the 2006 Venice Film Festival to David’s baseball caps to over a hundred of Victoria’s, all will be boxed and sent to the charity. In the hopes of gaining more donations, the Red Cross have confirmed that they will not be keeping the Beckham name a secret and will work on spreading the word about their good charity.

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