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Hangover Cures

Okay, you had your fun last night taking shots with the really cute bartender and trying to get in as many drinks as possible during Happy Hour, because no one wants to pay $20 for a drink. You danced, you gossiped, you drank, so now what?

Well, now, you have the crash to look forward to, or as I like to call it, the “I’m never drinking again” moment. But who are we kidding; I’ve been promising to never drink again since my freshman year of high school and I’m still promising never to drink again as a junior in college. I’m sure that we can all agree that the promise rarely last and the only thing you can do is to find out how to ease that drill bit going off in your head.

Each country may be different, but we do have one thing in common, we are searching for the end all cures for hangovers.

  • Germany

Cure: Rollmop (Pickled herring stuffed with pickled foods (cucumber, carrot, cabbage)


  • Britain 

Cure: Bacon Sandwich


  • Russia 

Cure: Rassol (Liquid from pickled foods) 


  • Mongolia 

Cure: Fermented Mare’s Milk


  • Eastern Europe

Cure: Tripe Soup


As a college kids, where the only things to really do at night is to head to the strip of bars at night, you need to learn how to cure a hangover before your midterm in economics the next day. I have found that a glass of water, two advil, and a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel does the trick!

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