Corset Hair

Hey everyone, as I have mentioned in my previous post, I have been trying to break out of my box of boring hairstyles. To throw away the traditional hair-down, high pony tail, and ballerina bun. In the past week alone I have tried four different, and unique, hairstyles for my quest of “Hair Art”.
So far I have found this experiment liberating at best, and a little uncomfortable at worst.
My reason?
It’s always a fantastic feeling when a stranger approaches you on the street, in the mall, or in the grocery store and asks you how you did our hair. On the flip side though, it can get a little uncomfortable after a while or when a few strangers want me to even do their hair for them. On Tuesday a woman in Barnes and Nobles actually asked if I could put waterfall braids into her hair. But aside from some strange encounters, I have really enjoyed picking a new hairstyle, mostly, every day.
This video was created by YouTuber, Luxy Hair, and she shows us how to create a beautiful, elegant, and fun corset inspired hairstyle.

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