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The End of Vogue Internships

In a recent article, published in Daily Mail, a former intern of Conde Nast’s, Vogue, claims to have been treated poorly and disrespectfully by her superiors. The Florida State University graduate landed, what was supposed to be her dream internship, during the summer of 2013. She soon found out that this One in a million” internship was not what she expected and was soon beginning to regret her decision to send in that hopeful application.

The intern claimed to have be treated badly, almost emotionally abusively, by the fashion empire. She was made to work between ten and twelve hours: fetching juices from locations miles from the Conde Nast’s head quarters in Time Square, running to pick up employee lunches and other mundane task.


The intern, Lisa, said that her breaking point during the internship, wasn’t the task that they made her preform, but the ways in which they spoke to her. She claims that her superiors would belittle and berate her if she did a single task “les then perfect”. A time that pops into her head is her experience with the company’s mood board, where she says she was screamed at for not putting on the tape correctly.

Having had enough, the young intern quite after two months, though that didn’t stop her from accepting a job from them in their marketing department. This raised a question with me, and I’m sure it did with others as well; Why would she accept a job at a company that she claimed treated her badly? Never the less, the question of why she took the job is probably a moot point at this time, because I would be surprised if she still had a job after the article in Daily Mail was published.


The worst part about this young woman’s experience, wasn’t that she felt she was treated badly, but that it played a part in Vogue officially putting an end to their internship programs. So, as an aspiring writer and self proclaimed fashionista, I would just like to say this.

Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us, because I would had been happy to put tape on a board and fetch coffee for hours a day if it meant I was working at Vogue. Seriously, Lisa, thanks.


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