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Return of Kings

Okay, I would just like to make it known that I usually don’t talk about other people’s writing unless it is positive. The reason for this is because I feel that if a person doesn’t like the topic that I am writing, then they should just click out  and head to a new site. As a writer I have learned that it is not possible to please everyone and it is nearly impossible to get only good reviews.

But, for this article, I’m going to make a much needed exception.


For those of you who don’t know, the site “Return of Kings” is a male based blog who portrays the belief of male dominance and women inferiority. Needless to say, this site is every chauvinistic, “I’m going to pound my chest to get my way”, cave man wet dream. The site aims at trying to belittle and push down women to the point of where they are only seen as the last names of their father or husband.

I would just like to make it clear that I do not consider myself to be a feminist. I was raised in an Catholic Italian family, where the fathers worked and the mothers took care of the children; this family dynamic impacted the way I view a father’s role and mother’s role. But I was also taught that being a women does not mean that you are a lesser being then men, that it does not stop you from getting as high in the ladder of success as the men.


Yet, even with my values of men and women social role, I am still disgusted by some of the articles that Return of Kings are posting. These articles are going farther then just telling women that they are below men, they are telling women that they are horrible on their own without the comparison to men. What is worst is that these articles are filled with lies and can be damaging to anyone, men or women, state of mind and emotions.


In a recent article, published in Daily Mail, it talks about the backlash that the Return of Kings is receiving for their article, “Five Benefits to having a Girlfriend with an Eating Disorder”. A quick summary of the article was a list of reasons why eating disorders benefit men: they girlfriend stays in shape, they always want to please you, they aren’t confident (a trait in which the writer claims to be the most unattractive in a women). It is obvious that the writer did not know any person with an eating disorder when he wrote this article, because if he did, he would have seen the sadness, fear, anxiety, and anger that a person with an eating disorder deals with every day.


Another post that was published on their site, “24 Signs She’s A Slut”, is both offensive and just plain laughable. The reason why it is offensive is obvious by just reading the title, the reason why it is laughable is the unbelievably untrue “sign” that they give. By the time you read sign #8, you know that, at this point, the writer is just grasping for any straw he could find to try and put together an article more then three points long. Most of these “sign” are of things that the girl has no control over: “Big Tits” (Yes, because all of us who have A cups wanted to resemble skateboards), “Not Ticklish” (Sorry hun, but there’s no on and off switch of tickles), “Divorced Parents” ( What? So are over 50% of girls sluts now? Don’t Answer That).

I understand that men need an outlet for their problems and frustrations in life, but at least try not to write about lies. If you are going to tell me that I am a slut just because I go on vacations with my girlfriends, then back it up, and make me attempt to believe you. Because, let me just say, I went on a vacation with my girlfriends to Montreal a few months ago and it wan’t because we were sluts. It was because we were trying to get away from the men like you, who feel that they need to put everyone else down just so that their egos can raise a single inch off of the ground.


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