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Champagne Vending Machine

Go to Japan and you can buy sushi from a vending machine. Go to Miami and you can buy a pair of designer sunglasses. Go to Beverly Hills and you can buy a cupcake, from an over two dozen options, from a vending machine.

Do you see the pattern?

Vending machines, though underrated by some, are as just as much a part of the twenty first century and the wave of technology as the iPhone, Bluetooth headphones, and Lap top that are currently glued to hip. Seen as just a simple machine, one that dispenses snacks and drinks in the exchange for a few buck and that loose change you found under your couch. But a vending machine is more then just a simple machine, it was one of the first pieces of real technology that was available to everyone, whether you were rich enough to buy your own machine or just rich enough to buy a chocolate bar after pressing the golden 6F button.

The vending machine was also one of the first inventions to come alive after being first portrayed in the futuristic television show, The Jetsons, a program that showed viewers inventions of the future.


Though the vending machine has been with us for nearly the past century, it has only been in the past decade that the machine has truly started to show it’s potential for ultimate consumer convenience and pleasure. With Japan being the first country to really take the concept of the vending machine and run with it, they soon recreated them to sell hot meals, clothes and electronics. And like most technology that comes from Japan, the rest of the world wants a piece of it; bring us to the sun glass vending machines of Miami, the cupcake vending machines of Beverly Hills, and the iPhone vending machines of New York.


But, I must say, the most recent recreation of the vending machine may just have to be my favorite.

In a recent article, published in the Los Angeles Times, in announced a vending machine that dispensed mini sized bottles of champagne. The champagne vending machine was created by, you guess it, a champagne company. Moet and Chandon Champagne, one of the leading companies in the champagne industry, has created the machine. The machine can be found in Selfridge, a department store located in London and will only cost you $29. But don’t get to excited yet, unfortunately,  the company made an announcement saying that the machine will only be there for the holiday season.

So for all of you Londoners, here is a little hint for an amazing stocking stuffer.

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