Meeting The Parents

I used to believe that meeting parents is one of the easiest obstacles of being in a relationship. I mean, you were already able to land the guy, right? So how much harder could it be then going through the awkward past relationship talk or seeing each other eat a messy food for the first time.
You know the moment when you throw your hands in the air and say “Enough! I don’t want to eat a salad. I want pasta with a lot of sauce, or even, baby back ribs.”
In my mind, I always thought that meeting the parents would be a piece of cake. Because if you break it down into the simplest of terms, there is nothing threatening sounding about it.
You are a person, going with another person, to meet two people that the person you’re going with already knows. Sounds simple right?
Wrong! Thats may be what it is physically, but we must put emotionally into the equation. You are not just meeting two strangers, you are meeting two people who raised your partner and, probably, know how to persuade him into telling you to get lost. Because, as much as we hate to admit this, children are still minorly influenced by their parents even at an adult age. I guess it’s easy to say that a part if us is always looking for their approval.
So for those of you who are going to meet your partners parents for the first time, or just want to have a smoother sailing the next time around, watch this great video. This video, created by YouTuber AwesomnessTv, gives you tips and scenarios for how to impress the parents.
Who knows? Maybe they will like you more then their own kid?

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