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Gemma Restaurant

The Gemma is an Italian restaurant, located on 335 Bowery New York in the heart of the Financial District, serving amazing food and a phenomenal breakfast.


Walking into this Italian restaurant, you are first hit with the sight of mix matching paintings, twentieth century posters, and antiques so old that you have probably only seen most of them in black and white photos. You feel that the restaurant was designed, if the owners even took the time, by the left over items in their Italian grandmother’s attic. But then, while you are sitting at your table or bar, you start to feel more comfortable. You look around and see a beautiful giant mess of a melted chandelier, a darken rust watering pot, and a painting of a young man with raven hair facing down the hall. And as you are drinking your latte, you start to realize that the decor is perfect for that little Italian restaurant. The decor is messy, cluttered, and just right.


But don’t be fooled by the Gemma’s old fashioned, chandelier hanging, decor. This restaurant allows guest to feel comfortable in any style, whether you choose to wear yoga pant and a tank top or a skirt and a chiffon blouse, the Gemma has a way of making you feel at ease. A person can choose to either grab a quick drink at the bar or a delicious plate of food at one of the wooden table.


Enjoy delicious Italian breakfast dishes, such as Eggs a la Gemma ($12). An Italian version of eggs benedict, where canadian bacon is swapped with prosciutto and english muffin is swapped with ciabatta bread. Or Eggs and Polenta ($10), which is a bowl of polenta served with two poached eggs. You can also enjoy lunch and dinner at Gemma with dishes, such as, Branzino Al Forno ($21), a roasted Mediterranean sea bass on a cedar plank with green beans or Pollo Al Mattone ($19), a roasted chicken with roasted potatoes and frisee.


The only true downside to the Gemma is the service. Usually, it takes quite a lot for me to be upset with the staff at any restaurant, being that I know just how hard and stressful it could be, but this staff was a disappointment. It wasn’t that our waiters got any of our orders wrong, it was the fact that they just disappeared. They didn’t ask if we wanted more water when our glasses were empty, check to see if we needed anything, and took over ten minutes to give us the check.

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