Cornish Hens au Vin

A core belief of mine is simpler is better. Whether it is choosing to forgo those extra pieces of jewelry or to wear only one type of makeup, simplicity has always had a way of making things seem fresh and elegant. The art of simplicity is a vital tool to use in the kitchen, where without it, things such as taste and textures may not be so delightful.

It is my core belief that has led me to love simple recipes and to create my own rule of “10”, meaning, that I will not cook or create a recipe that is above ten ingredients.

To my pleasure, it seems that I am not the only person with this belief. Claire Robinsons, host of Food Network’s “5 Ingredient Fix”, shares with views delicious and easy recipes that only contain five ingredients or less. Now, I don’t know about every, but that’s my kind of cooking show. Always looking at her best, isn’t that black blouse beautiful, Claire shows us how to incorporate simplicity into our dishes, without losing any of our elegance.

Here is one of my favorite dishes by her, watch the video, make the recipe, and enjoy!

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