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Candy Shoes

One of the highlights of childhood was that precious moment when you finally convinced your mother to take you to the candy store. “Please mom, I promise I will take out the garbage if I can have a tootsie roll”, “I promise that I will only eat one and I will be really, really good”, was just some of the sayings that I used to try and convince my mother and father. The whole time I thought that I was a slick little thing, but what I realized when I grew older was that my parents always knew what I was doing. And most of the time, my parents were already planning on giving me the candy before I could even pucker my lip and say plzzzzzzz.


Candy has always held a special part in our hearts, from childhood penny stores to twenty dollar giant gummy bears, candy has always played a roll in our lives.

In honor for the love of candy, up and coming shoe designer and graduate of Cordwainer College, Camilia Elphick, has debuted a unique and tasteful show line. The newly released shoe line focuses on evoking your sweet tooth and playfulness of your inner, or for some, not so inner child.


The line, “So Bad, It’s Good”, carries the designs of a candies and sweets from, what some may say, is the older generation.  You won’t be seeing any baby bottle pops or milky ways on these shoes, instead, sweets, such as, oreos, pez, life savors, and peppermints will be the main designs. Bringing a piece of us back to the days of begging our mothers and when candy was more then just that stuff that causes an extra few pounds.

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