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Macy’s Believe

With all of the food, the parties, and the shopping, it’s not surprising that many people tend to forget what holidays are truly meant for. Holidays are meant to be a time where one should spend precious moments with their loved ones, laugh and create good memories. Holidays are meant to be a time where people come together to share their blessings and to help those who are not as blessed.

But sadly, our society has formed into one of “Out of sight. Out of mind”. Meaning, that if a person does not see that child in the hospital who has parents that can not pay his or her medical bills, or if a person does not see the people who are starving, then it is easier to pretend that they just don’t exist. This is an unfortunate way to veiw the world, and I will be the first to say that I am guilty of this mindset.

But we can change how we see things, and by changing the ways we view the world, we can start to help the people around it.

Thankfully, we are getting a head start with the help of Macy’s department store. Macy’ s has created a campaign called, “Macy’s Believe”, which will take place in San Diego, California. Macy has promised to donate $1 to Make a Wish Foundation and $2 on National Believe Day for every Santa Clause letter that is sent into them. The campaign will, sadly, be only take place on December 10th and up to one million dollars.

So for those of you who live in San Diego be sure to write out your best Santa letter and play a part in helping a child in need.

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