How To Layer Clothing

This is a great video, created by Jennifer Brooks, on how to layer your clothes to make yourself look the best and most fashionable. She shows us step by step of how to put entire outfits together, all the while, explaining to viewers of just why some pieces go great together.
Jennifer shows us multiple styles, so that everyone can find one that is perfect for them, and is not shy with her creativity in the element of fashion.
Using current trends, such as a variety of boots and button downs, she also influences the trends that, lets face it, won’t go away no matter how many times they are on the “What Not To Wear” list. Yes, I am talking about leggings.
Thankfully, Jennifer does something that I feel all fashion “teachers” should do. Like Jennifer, they should teach you how to wear the leggings correctly, instead of just casting them off as unwearable. In the video, she talks about the “Legging Test” and how, if you practice the test, leggings can be an essential piece to your wardrobe.
This video gives us countless fashion ideas and inspirations for our coming winter wardrobe. WIth new trends mixed with the old, she brings a sense of style to anyone.

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