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Best Winter Vacations

One of my favorite part about the holidays, aside from spending time with the people I love and having an excuse to drink as much hot chocolate as I want, is having the ability to travel. As a child I would spend Christmas in either California or Florida, what can I say, my family were never the biggest fans of the cold. Having the time to travel is one of the best parts about the holidays and here are just a few of the places that I feel are the best to jet off to. 

  • Lapland, Findland


Let your inner snow bunny out by heading off to Lapland for an endless supply of powder snow and open woods, great for skiing or snowboarding. Take a reindeer ride, with really reindeer, through the towns woods along the Saariselka path. 

  • Disney World


For those of you with children, or are just children at heart, head to Disney World. Spend your days eating turkey legs and giant candy cane and your nights being enamored by Magic Kingdom’s snow spectacular. Don’t forget to see the giant gingerbread house in the Floridian hotel.

  • Prague, Netherland


Spend you vacation embracing the sites and pleasures of the town that is said to have been left behind in the past. Stroll the streets to see the city’s Gothic and Baroque architecture, watch a memorable opera, and drink a pint at U Pinkasu.

  • Provence, France


This normally quiet and quant town comes alive during the winter season in a festival that would make any fairytale envious. The town is filled with music coming from medieval churches and the cobblestone streets are filled with some of the best foie gras in the world.

  • Puerto Rico 


For those who aren’t exactly fans to the cold, Puerto Rico is one of the best places to vacation during the winter season. With Jingle Bells set to a fast paced salsa beat, you will be caroling and dancing around the five century year old Atlantic colony.

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