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Luxury Nail Polish

Lacquer has recently launched it’s most luxurious nail polish on the market, a nail polish that contains the shavings of 24-carat pure gold. And here I was thinking that I was being all fancy by buying $8 nail polish when it wasn’t on sale…


The golden nail polish was created by celebrity manicurist, Deborah Lippmann, and is set to sell for $25 at all Lacquer selling markets. By the way, did anyone here know that there are celebrity manicurist? Sure there must be manicurist who do celebrity nails, but I never heard of a manicurist who ONLY does celebrities. Are there celebrity pedicurist too? Just thought I would give you guys something to think about.


The polish, named Boom Boom Pow, is already a favorite amongst A list celebrities, such as, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kelly Clarkson and who could ever think to leave out Lady Gaga.

Other luxurious items from the polish line, created by Deborah Lippmann, is a polish made from diamond dust and crushed pearls. These items will be launched this month at Selfridges and Look Fantastic.


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