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Photoshop Pill

In an inspirational project, a young woman is taking a long over due stand against the fashion industry. No, she is not criticizing their use of furs, as does PETA, nor is she criticizing the “supposedly” rampant use of eating disorders and drugs. Instead this woman is going after the fashion industry for what takes play after the cameras are places back in their cases and models back in their cars that cost more then a persons annual salary.


Anna Hill, a student at East Carolina University studying photography, has used her talents in the area of photoshop to uncase the deception of the fashion world. The student created four self portrait images to make up her final project called, “Beauty Is Only Pixel Deep”. To create her project, Anna first took photos of herself in various positions without any makeup on and then used her skills of photoshop to give her the “model treatment”. The comparison between the before and after pictures can be quite shocking, but sad when you realize that in the fashion industry, models are no longer the ideal image, but it is the image of the photoshopped that is ideal.


Having taught herself how to use photoshop at the age of fourteen, the now twenty-four year old, Anna said that she can easily spot just wear a model was photoshopped. Like many others, she can spot even photoshop was used on the face, from the evidence of the model having lashes that are impossible thick and, well, not a single pore on her face.

Anna’s action in showing  others the reality of the fashion industry, through her four ads, is due to her desire to simply let others know that even the models don’t look like they do on the billboards or magazine covers. As Cindy Crawford, famous model, once said, “I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford!”


‘I think people like to be reminded that the beautiful models we’re surrounded by daily aren’t actually as real as they seem – without extensive makeup and editing, many don’t look that much better than the rest of us,’ she told Yahoo!.

Through Anna Hill’s eye opening project, I hope that we can see for ourselves that the “mode;” beauty is not obtainable. And it is not because the average woman on the street is not beautiful enough, far from it, but it is because we don’t have a photoshop image of ourselves being portrayed in out place everywhere we go. Plus, last time I checked, they haven’t created the photoshop pill yet.

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