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Drinks of the World

It’s no shocker that alcoholic beverages play a huge role in our society. Having probably been first introduced to them at your own dinner table when your parents let you have your first drink of wine or at a high school party when you went to the keg. Drinking takes center stage at Birthday parties, holiday parties, and well, pretty much any celebration; drinking is seen as a way to show your “boogie down” mood. Actually, it is even said in a New York Times article that drinking with your colleague can help you to get ahead in the workforce.

But, when every thing is said and done, or should I say, poured and drank, the bottom line is that alcohol is a big part of our lives. And in being a major roles in our lives, whether it’s from the Birthday shots or after work cocktail, we take our drinks very seriously.

Or rather, entire countries take their drinks seriously.

Though the research of infographic identifies, they have complied the “sacred” drinks pertaining to eighty different countries. Not surprisingly, the majority of he drinks were alcoholic, though the study included both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. With results, such as, American being the front runner of Coca-cola, Ireland being a lover of guinness, and England being die hard gin fans, it can make a girl curios as to what every other country is.

So be my just and take a look at the chart. Find your country, you may be surprised of what your neighbors are probably drinking.


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