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Okay, okay, I confess, I am one of those people who will always look up a restaurant review before I dine at it. Yes, I am that token person in your group of friends that will make everyone stop when we are on our way to a new restaurant, just so that I can look up a review and deem it a “Yay or Nay”. What can I say? I love my urbanspoon, chowhound, and zagat.

It was actually Zagat that was my saving grace when I was in Miami for getting me fed and, as with most people, if I am not fed my horns will come out. So, Zagat, my friends are deeply thankful.

Through nothing more then mere accident, we were able to find this amazing restaurant called “Zuma“. Without a doubt high end and deeply inspired my modern styles, Zuma combined the traditions of Japanese cuisine and modern American dining. The atmosphere is stunning, the dishes are beautiful, and the customer service could not had been any better. It wasn’t until I did even more research on the restaurant, crossing my fingers in the hope that they had a “sister” restaurant in NYC, did I find out that they have locations in some of the world’s biggest cities, London being one of them.


Walking into Zuma, I couldn’t help but to try and walk with as little arm movement as possible. My reason, well, it just so happens that in this restaurant everything looks as though it would break into a thousand pieces by only a single touch. No, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved the look of the place; but I felt like the angel on my shoulder kept saying “Michelle, keep your hands to your side”, while the devil on my shoulder kept saying “Touch it Michelle. It’s so shiny, touch it”. Thankfully, the angel won and I was able to just stare at the beautiful wall to wall displays of stacked win bottles and retro curtains.

Angel 1, Devil 0


Being a sushi lover, and having lived in a neighborhood that knows how to make sushi right, my expectations of the food was a little on the high end. Okay, my expectations for this place was really high, but what can I say, I am really picky about raw fish. Thankfully, this Zuma did not disappoint at all. Not only were all of our dishes beautiful, with many uses of colors and techniques, and very flavorful, but it was obvious that all of the fish were as fresh as it could possibly be.


For my appetizer I ordered Ika no kari kari age, try saying that three times fast, which is the Japanese version of fried calamari. The only difference is that italian calamari is served with tomato sauce, while this one was serves with lime and green chili. It was very flavorful and, I must admit, I was tempted to put a fork into one of my guy friend’s hand because he wouldn’t stop eating it…


Next was my main course, for which I ordered the Watari gani maki, a sushi roll made up of a spider roll with soft shell crab and wasabi tobiko sauce. It was fresh, beautiful, and oh so yummy. One of my friends, who were nice to let me swap one of my pieces for one of theirs, ordered the hotate no taru taru, ponzu to cabia zoe, a scallop tatar with wasabi ponzu. Like my own, this dish was absolutely wonderful.


Having dinner at Zuma was a wonderful experience and I know that I will be visiting again the next time I’m in Miami, or well, any other cities that have this restaurant.


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