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Best Christmas Lights

Lights and decorations are an iconic part to the holiday season and these places know how to do it right. So forget about decorating your own house, because who has time for that, and instead visit these locations for some eye catching, festive, light displays. Remember to bring a travel cup of hot chocolate because you’re going to want to spend many moments awing at the lights.

  • Paris


Known as the City of Lights, Paris holds up to it’s name by putting lights on, what seems like, everything; from the Arc de Triomphe to the Place de la Concorde.

  • Singapore


Considered the baby of Christmas decorating, Singapore has only been decorating their streets fro the last thirty years, but don’t let that fool you. Their light displays are some of the best in the world.

  • Viena 


Already famous for looking like it was born from a fairy tale, Vienna uses this as one of their strongest tools in wowing on lookers of their light displays. Using antique looking lanterns and lights of some of the oldest castles, Vienna sure knows how to make a town shine.

  • Madrid


Madrid’s Christmas decorations is, in my opinion, Europe’s version of the American’s New York Christmas lights. Playing up their town squares and vast amount of stores, Madrid places Christmas trees and lights perfectly along the streets. The Plaza Mayor, one of the largest holiday markets, shines in the Christmas season.

  • New York


New York’s Time Square and Rockefeller Center lighting are the pride and joy of the U.S.A, featured in most Christmas movies, the lightened up Christmas tree is seen as an iconic part of American culture. Walk along the shops by Broadway and Time Square to look into beautifully created window displays that hold both classic Christmas stories and unique holiday ideas.

When you were a child, there were three things that were on the top of your list when it came to the holiday season: Presents, Food, and Lights. Now that we are getting older, our priorities of the holidays have “tweaked”. We have, hopefully, swapped out presents for family, but thankfully we still kept the importance of lights. Oh, and food is a good thing to keep to, yes, definitely keep the food.

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