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Frozen Body Image

Apparently the newest trend in the ideal of beauty is no longer a big bottom with an itty bitty waist, no, now it’s big eyes and itty bitty wrist. I must say, I can see where the big eyes came from, but the whole tiny wrist thing? Really?

This new “ideal” was brought to the publics attention when it was featured, and obviously, called out on by the reviewers and body specialist. The newest animated Disney film, Frozen, has come under fire from worried viewers when the main female protagonist, Anna, was shown to have eyes that are bigger then her wrist. Not only are her wrist abnormally thin and her eyes unrealistically big, as pattern that is seen in Disney’s films, but Anna is seen as one of the thinnest females yet.


Personally, I do not believe this. Now, I am not saying that the character isn’t to thin at all, what I am saying is that she is not the skinniest they ever had. Viewers seeing her as the thinnest is simply a trick of the mind. Here me out, in past Disney princess bodies they have very small waist, but then they have an hourglass figure. This gives the illusion that they are bigger then they really are, take Jasmine for example, her waist is the size of her own earring, but you don’t realize it as much because she has breast and hips. Anna, on the other hand, has a more realistic body of being slender and small all around, and not an abnormally small waist and medium/large breast.


But, none they less, I agree with the people who feel that Disney princesses are producing unrealistic expectations in body image for girls to aspire to be deemed “beautiful”. Remember what Disney tried to do to Princess Merida, the red headed princess from Brave? They tried to “beautify” her by defrizzing her hair, making her eyes bigger, her skin whiter, and of course, waist thinner. This was a big no-no in the community and they quickly righted the wrong.

According to an article, published in Daily Mail, researchers have made the connection that female characters in Disney are skinnier when they are being pursued by men. In fact, when you look closely at the hands between the males and females, the average female hand will only be one third the size of the male who is pursuing her.

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