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The Perfect Dress

With the holiday season in full swing, the number of party invites are getting higher and higher, but when there’s a lot of parties, there must be as many outfits. We can’t be wearing the same dress for two parties, right? Here are some dress ideas that are perfect with any situation. Be merry, drink some strong eggnog, and have a winter wonderland.

  • Meeting Boyfriends Parents


This dress is perfect for when you meet your boyfriend’s parents for the first time, or even when you are trying to just impress them, from the coloring to the cut of the dress. The burgundy color is subtle and sophisticated, allowing the parents to think you are a level headed women. The cut of this dress is both mature and sexy; the sleeves and flair our skirt prevents them from thinking your a strumpet, while the length allows you to show some skin.

  • Young, Fun, & Under 22


Pink has always been a tricky color to wear once you get into your twenties; if you wear a hot pink dress then you run the risk of looking like a barbie wanna be. But there is a loophole to wearing hot pink, and that is picking the right age. You early twenties are the last time in your life when it is seen as socially acceptable to wear a hot pink dress. So I say, lets milk this “rule” for all it’s worth.

  • Want To Impress The Crush


There’s no better way to grab the attention on your long time crush then to play a simple game of Peek-A-Boo. With the small cut outs on the side of the dress, your crushes eyes will be left in mystery and wanting to find out more. Red is also proven to grab the attention of the opposite sex and ladies, this dress will have your crush coming to you.

  • You’re SIngle and Like It


This dress is perfect for the single lady who just wants to hang with her girlfriends, perhaps flirt with a few guys, and just have fun. The front of the dress shows an elegant side, where the “forbidden” color combination of black and navy blue come together in beautiful designs, while the back reveals a deep slit that shows you ability to have fun and let loose. This dress is both simple and daring, perfect for a single gal partying with her friends.

  • Holiday Work Party


This dress is professional, perfect for the work environment, but still has that twist of sexiness that all women need. The gray coloring allows you to be subtle, while the body hugging ability of the dress allows you the spot light.

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