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Naughty Chefs

When I was growing up, I wasn’t like little girls my age. I didn’t idolize Britney Spears, trying to copy her “Hit Me Baby One More Time” routine while tying my shirts to show my belly. I didn’t imagine myself to be one of the princesses that you could find in Disney, sure I thought that they were beautiful, but I never wished to be one of them. Personally, I’ve always been more into play fighting and climbing trees, rather then waiting around for a prince to save me; sorry, it’s just not in my nature.

Instead, I have always looked up to cooks. Whether it was my nana, who always made the best sauce in the family or anyone else that I know of, or the chefs that are on TV. But this year has been one crazy year when it came to chefs, and here are some of the top chef scandals.

  • Nigella Drug Rumors 


Nigella Lawson, host of Nigella Kitchen, has had one nasty year. In the process of her divorce against Charles Saatchi, the couples housekeeper/nanny was brought to the stand after revealing some questionable news about the chef. According to the housekeeper, Nigella has quite the problem with a certain white powder.

  • Paula’s Dirty Mouth


Paula Dean, host of Paula’s Home Cooking, seems to have been in the spotlight more during this year for her words, rather then her southern cooking. It came to light that the mother of southern cooking throws around the “N” word int he company of her employees. Paula was dropped from her food network show and most of her endorsement deals.

  • Ramsay’s Affair


Gordon Ramsay, host of Hell’s Kitchen, has been quite the naughty boy this year. Thought to have been one of the busiest food stars currently on the air, what with his 20+ restaurants and shows, it’s hard to imagine him having any free time on his hand. The british chef was rumored to have had a seven year affair with Sarah Symonds.

  • Mario Tips Out


Mario Batali, host of Molto Mario, is considered the male face of Italian cuisine, while Giada is seen as the female face. So, with all considering, one would think that he would not have any financial issues with all of his success and fame. So rather it was through necessity or selfishness, Mario was sued by a thousand of his employees for taking their tips.

  • Bourdain’s Loose Lips


Anthony Bourdain, host of No Reservations, is considered to be the Kristen Stewart of chefs. He doesn’t say much and doesn’t ever look like he has a real personality, but then once in a blue moon, he will say something that will make you say, “What?” Bourdain has been blasted for bad talking his fellow chefs, even going as far as to say Rachel Ray was a “Bobblehead”.

These chefs will defintely be getting coal for Christmas!

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