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Heal After A Big Party

The holiday are the one time of the year, aside from your birthday, where all dieting and restriction is out the window. It is a time to let loose and not care if you ate thousands of calories worth of Christmas truffles and cupcakes or drank your body weight in wine and eggnog. The only sleeping you will probably get is when your body goes into food coma hibernation, and even then, the sleep needs to wait until you are alone. Or, you can take the risk that I did last Christmas Eve and wake up with candy canes drawn is sharpie marker all over my face.

Lets face it, the holiday season is tough on the body, so here are some tips to put into effect the next day to help you along your way.

  • Tip #1, Do not weigh yourself


This tip is more for your state of mind, rather then your physical wellness. Weighing yourself can be an emotional thing and weighing yourself after a big event is just pointless. If you were to weigh yourself the day after the holidays, then the scale would have gone up anywhere between 5-10 pounds. You did not actually gain this much weight, it is all water and non digested food; the most you could have gained of real weight was one pound. For your own state of mind, stay away from the scale for a good few days.

  • Tip #2, Drink ALOT of water


If you are anything like me, my body never took to well to drinking alcohol. Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t keeping me from taking Jameson shots with my uncles on Christmas, but it has made some things more difficult. When I drink, my body has the tendency to “inflame”, meaning, my cheeks and hands get red and hot. Another common effect of drinking is dehydration. By drinking water, preferably a large glass of water first thing in the morning, you can hydrate yourself and ease the inflammation.

  • Tip #3, Do NOT starve yourself


It’s the morning after the holiday party, you ate plates and plates worth of food and drank enough wine to even drink Dionysus himself under the table. You wake up to a bloated stomach, probably feeling as though most of the food is still in you sloshing around, and have zero appetite. In fact, you feel like eating even a single apple will make you come undone. You are probably thinking, “Oh, I just won’t eat today and I will feel better tomorrow”. This is the wrong this to do, because the best thing for you right now is to get your metabolism and digestion going, so against every feeling in your body, EAT BREAKFAST!

  • Tip #4, Take an Advil


Taking an Advil the first thing in the morning is perfect for conquering hangovers. Hangovers are caused by inflammation within the brain that is caused by drinking alcohol. Advil is an over the counter medication that helps to heal inflammation within the body, perfect for hangovers. It is best to take the Advil in the morning, rather then the night, because then it has a better chance of being absorbed into the body then of you were to taking it with a full stomach before sleeping.

  • Tip #5, Allow yourself to sleep


This one is pretty self explanatory. My guess is that you have barely gotten any sleep in the past week, between last minute Christmas shopping to making five different kinds of cookies because everyone in your family seems to like a different kind, you have been quite busy. Now, your body is running on empty, or at least, borrowed time. The day after Christmas is a time to just relax and get back all of the hours of sleep that you have missed.

I hope that these tips help you as much as they have helped me in the past. Besides, if it makes you feel any better, I am currently trying to open up an Advil contain with trouble.

Damn child proof…

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