End of Red Lobster

The first college that I ever attended, before transferring my sophmore year to my current university, was Penn State. Now, before I go into my story, I think I should tell you a little bit about Penn State. Penn State is a major university that is divided into different university campuses and my campus just so happened to be Penn State Erie. Has anyone ever gone to Erie? Well let me tell you this, there is absolutely nothing there. It’s woods to the north, woods to the east, woods to the west, and woods to the south. Occasionally, there would be a 99 cent movie theater or a Chili’s. Needless to say, even the smallest things were seen as a night out for us.

One of my fondest memories of Penn State was going to Red Lobster with my roommates, because well, that was really the only thing to do in Erie. It was the closest restaurant there and was still a half an hour drive. We would stuff ourselves with the cheese biscuits and share all the dinners in a pot luck.

But in recent news, according to an article in LA Weekly, the seafood chain is under strain of closing down it’s door for good. The seafood chain’s revenue has been on a steady down hill and may feel as though it has no option of catching up. In a little bit of an apology, Red Lobster released some of their most valued recipes.

  • Cheddar Bay Biscuits (Recipe)





  • Cajun Chicken Pasta (Recipe)


  • Maple Glazed Salmon & Shrimp (Recipe)


  • Bacon Wrapped Scallops (Recipe)


R.I.P Red Lobster


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