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Top New Year’s Eve Places

Seeing as I haven’t wrote an article about where to visit for New Year’s Eve, I figured that I would write an article about where you WISH you could be on New Year’s Eve. This past week has just been so crazy, between family, holidays, work, writing my book, my internship, I feel that I am allowed one free pass for an “Oops!”. So I’m cashing it in people!

New Year’s Eve is the one day of the year that you are allowed to let loose. There is an unspoken rule that nothing is off limits and everything, okay mostly everything, is allowed. On New Year’s Eve you can get as drunk as you want and it will still be okay, because hey, it’s New Year’s Eve! New Year’s Eve is the night for drinking, hanging out with friends, and eating little bite size appetizers. It is the party night of the year and these places really know how to party.

  • California, USA


What To Do: Attend Cleopatra’s NYE 2014 Ball, located in the Egyptian Theater, on the Walk of Fame. Have fun and dance at the Las Palmas Block Party in the heart of Hollywood. Walk in the Rose Parade along the streets of Pasadena

  • Sydney, Australia 


What To Do: Go to the Garden Oasis to drink champagne and watch the fireworks over the Sydney Opera House. Ride the Wild Mouse Rollercoaster and Ferris Wheel at The Harbour Party at Luna Park while listening to electro music. Watch The Harbour of Light Parade, a stream of boats of various shapes and sizes lit up on a convoy across the harbor.

  • London, England


What To Do: Drink and eat from amazing food venders as you count down the New Year in front of Big Ben. Get a spot in the VIP section of the Victoria Embankment and the Waterloo and Westminster Bridges for the firework show. Join in the traditional pub crawl and stubble your way home.

  • Hong Kong, China


What To Do: Watch the eight-minute light show over the water and as it moves towards the land, giving spectators a variety of vantage points. Public viewing spots are free, including the area along the Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade and Avenue of Stars from the State Ferry Terminal to New World Center, as well as the Hung Hom Bypass.

New Year’s Eve is a night to party with friends and gain great stories to share for the next year. I hope that everyone here gains enough amazing stories to share with your friends and family until the next New Year’s Eve rolls by.

Have Fun, Be Safe, and I’m Driving So Have A Drink For ME!!

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