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Trend Alert

There seems to be quiet an unusual trend that has been spreading around in the last few months. Unlike most trends, this one is not about makeup or clothes, instead it was about hair. Sure we may get our usual hair trends going around. We have the pixie hair cut, that went around in 2010 and 2013, and the mermaid length hair style, that was popular in 2012. It seems that every year there is a new hair trend that is going around. What makes this trend different is the fact that it is not a certain style that is gaining popularity, but it is a certain color, or should I say colors.


Dying your hair an unnatural hair color has been gaining popularity within the past few months and only seems to be getting more popular by the day. Instead of dying their hair blonde, raven, or brunette, people are experimenting with colors like green, purple, and blue. In the heart of this trend, the brighter the color, the better.

Personally, I like to call this trend the “Celebrity Trend”. My reason for this name is because I feel that celebrities, more specifically singer, are the only ones who can really pull off this trend. Now, I’m not saying that other people would not look good with purple and red hair, what I’m saying is that they would not be allowed. As a singer you are able to have a “crazier” appearance. It is almost expected for you to have piercings and tattoos. But, when you are a “normal” person, you can’t look like that; in all honesty, you would be less likely to get a job or be taken seriously. I’m not saying I like this stereotype, but that’s reality.


But I must say, since celebrities are really the only ones who can pull this off, they are doing a pretty good job.

The singers who I feel are really rocking this trend for all it’s worth are definitely Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, and Kesha. These three have taken the unnatural color trend and have used it for their full advantage. You can tell that they didn’t just pick any color, but like normal hair dye, they picked colors that worked best with their skin tones and eye colors.

  • Demi Lovato Rocks Blue Hair


  • Lady Gaga Shows Off Green Hair


  • Kesha Has Fun With Pastels


This trend may had first been created by the teenagers who got their hands on manic panic hair dyes, but it has been made popular within the adults through the celebrities who wanted to have some fun. Because, lets face it, normal hair colors can get kind of boring. I just hope that unnatural hair colors will become socially acceptable soon because I really want to dye my hair lavender!

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