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Dyed Hair Dogs

Okay, I’m not going to lie to you guys. I am actually unsure whether or not to consider this animal abuse or art. So for those who feel that this is animal cruelty, I deeply apologize if I offended anyone, that was never my intention. But, I am leaning towards the belief that these projects were all in the name of art and, from what I can see, not of the dogs were physically harmed. 

I never knew that there were unspoken competitions between dogs until I got one of my own. Sure, I always knew that there were actual dog competitions, I used to watch them on t.v. But I never knew that there were dog competitions in your own neighborhood. It wasn’t until I got my own dog, a black toy poodle, that I started to experience the competitiveness. If my dog got a hair cut, my neighbor’s dog got a hair cut. If my dog got a bikers jacket, my neighbor’s dog got a pink sparkle sweater. The list goes on and on.


But these animal fashionista may have just takes the dog image competition just a little to far. Okay, who are we kidding, they weren’t so far that they can no longer see the line that they have crossed one dyed tail ago. Never the less, they are fun and artsy, so lets take a look!

In a recent article, published in Daily Mail, two ladies were interviewed by Anderson Cooper on their dog’s beauty regimen. The two women say that they wanted their dogs to be “in trend” with the bright colors that are currently going around in hair dye. So, what do these two ladies do? They dye their dog’s hair unnatural colors, such as green and purple, in their attempt to follow the trend. When asked if the dogs enjoy having their hair dyed, the women were quick to defend their choice in doggie hair care; bot claiming that their dogs love having dyed hair because they relish in the attention shown by other humans.


One of the dogs, named Swinger, worked a bright green mane and spotty red ears. His owner was very adamant about how her pet loved getting his hair dyed, saying that he was very good on the tables.

“I don’t think he cares, I don’t think it matters, he aims to please me. He loves his mama so much” she boasted confidently about her dog’s beauty regime.
I’m an not usually one to judge, at least not a lot, but I highly doubt that these does love getting their hair dyed. I don’t even like it when I dye my hair and that’s only my head, could you imagine dying your whole body? The spell of the hair dye must be harming the dogs with their sensitive noses.

Red Light or Green Light for this doggie trend?


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