Simply the Scoop

Hey everyone! I have recently started my first internship with a new site called Simply the Scoop and I just thought that I would tell you guys about it.

            Simply the Scoop is a great social media website that allows you to connect with others. Through the ability to write and post videos about some of the your favorite topics; whether it’s fashion, sports, or even music, Simply the Scoop has a place for anyone to make their mark.

            There is not a set, “You can do this and you can’t do that”, but instead, it allows a user more freedom. For example, I have seen posts on Simply the Scoop that have been based solely around opinions of fashion trends, such as an article about how leggings are a trend that will be here to stay. While I have seen other post on Simply the Scoop that are dedicated to updating users on upcoming events that are going on in their area. The site uses originally written articles, videos, connection to published articles, and creativity to create the best social media site on the market. Simply the Scoop may be young, but will grow quickly through its talent of making connections, invoking creativity, and allowing others to express their thoughts and opinions.  

This is a great site, so please join and don’t forget to follow me!


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