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Food Network Festival

For all of you foodies out there, it’s time to put down the camera and stop uploading your pictures on dinner onto your instagram.  Be ready to attend Food Network’s South Beach Wine and Food Festival. Set to take place in various locations in South Beach, Florida, this festival of food and wine will be going on in full swing during the last weeks of February.


    The festival will be starring iconic Food Network stars, such as, ​Alain Ducasse, Bobby Flay, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and Emeril Lagasse. But, no worries to those who wish to see more chefs and stars, because there is never a short supply of either of them during these festivals of wine and food. Because, lets be honest here, who can really resist a good wine and food festival?


    Take a walk along the beach, basking in the breeze and sun, while watch culinary seminars, taste test some of the finest food, and attend memorable parties. The top picks for entertainment is said to be Rachel Ray’s Light Burger Bash, Whole Food’s Market Grand Tasting, and Best of Munchies, hosted by Andrew Zimmerman.
Prices for the South Beach Food Festival can range anywhere from less then a $100 to a couple $1000’s, so be sure to save up!


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