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Princess Hair

What girl doesn’t want to be a princess? I know for myself, growing up I always thought that disney princess were beautiful. Sure, I may have always rooted for the seven dwarfs and the mice over Snow White and Cinderella, but who can really blame me? Gus is awesome and makes Cinderella.
Now, as I was saying before my pro-secondary disney characters, I never met a girl who did not want to look like a disney princess in some way. Whether it’s Jasmine’s beautiful eyes, Aurora’s blonde hair, or if your my friend Kaitlyn, Ariel’s belly button.
So, in light of the popularity of the newly released disney film, Frozen, I thought that I would share with everyone a series of great videos I found that are disney inspired. The YouTube hairstylist, DisneyStyle, has created a series of videos showing how to style your hair into recreate some of the most popular looks seen in disney. The great thing about these videos is that, most of the time, the stylist uses nifty tools from around the house; things that you would never have thought of to use in your hair.
These looks range from the classic princess, Snow White, to the more modern Reck it Ralph, little girl and are great for kids of all ages. But don’t be sad adults, there are plenty of looks that will work great for a more mature look, take for example, Elsa, from Frozen, french braid.

These videos are easy, creative, and will make you double think your hairstyling techniques. If you wish to see any other princess that were not featured on this post, be sure to leave a comment and I’ll be sure to post as quickly as possible!

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