Triangle Figure

Well, it’s official, our society in now solely made up of geometric shapes. Living in our world today is becoming more and more like living inside of my geometry textbook back when I was in high school.

And personally, I don’t like it. Because, I’m sorry, but I have been a writer all my life and that meant that I wasn’t the best at math. Now I’m not saying that all writers are the same, I’m just saying that it is more common to have one of the two as a strong suit. It is very rare to see an math professor that doesn’t have at least one spelling mistake in a word problem. Anyway, do you want to know just why i don’t like the fact that our society has become walking geometric textbooks? Well, it’s because of the simple fact that I have finished all of my college math courses, meaning that I will never have to take another math class again. I paid my dues, I made my bones, I escaped and you will never catch me alive!


Now, everyone here is probably scratching their heads now, trying to figure out just what this chick is trying to say and what geometry has to do with anything. Okay, first things first, I would just like to say that I am not crazy, or as Sheldon Cooper would say, “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested.” Second things is that I am going to have to give you some back store in order for this, let’s be honest with what it was, rant, to make sense. Many of you have probably heard the expressions, “He’s a square”, “She has a oval face, “He has a square jar”. The common link between them is the use of physical traits as geometric shapes. This is slowing starting to categorize us into different section of physical attributes.


This opinion article/vent, was brought on my a recently published article, in Daily Mail, that has added yet another geometric loving term. Now, show of hands, who here has ever heard the saying, “Are you an apple, hourglass, or pear?” I know I have and all of you probably have too. But a recent study in the UK found out that the majority of women aren’t considered an apple, hourglass, or pear, they are not even considered the invisible choice of banana. Instead, they are in a new category labeled, can you believe this, “Rectangle”.

A rectangle is a body shape that has the same measurements, with perhaps a one to two inch difference between your hip, waist, and bust. The rectangle boy shape is the most popular of the body shapes, taking up 63% of the population. Sadly, a large portion of that 63% is probably cry right now because, according to the article, the majority of rectangles believed that they had an hourglass figure. In reality, having an hourglass figure is one of the rarest there is and only 4% of women are blessed with the envious figure.


Celebrities, such as Kim Catrall and Nicole Kidman, has rectangle figures. But, like these celebs, there are ways to help your rectangle, geometric loving body, by wearing synched waist dresses and sleeveless outfits.

Okay, I get that a new category needed to be made in order for us to have a definition of this certain body type. My only question is this, did it really have to be a geometric shape, really.

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