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Bikini Bridge

Forced to be in the forefront of the public’s eye, eating disorders have been a sad star in the media for the past decade. The first time eating disorders came into the public eye as a negative connotation, and not covered up as a diet, was through the heart breaking death of model sisters, Eliana and Luisel Ramous. We then had the documentary THIN, which brought us inside the Renfrew Clinic for eating disorders. And throughout all that time, our magazine covers were graced with figures of skeletal Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton,and Lindsay Lohan. What started as the tips and tricks to dieting on magazines covers, soon became a completion of who could be the thinnest, frailest, and to these victim’s mind, the most beautiful.
Eating disorders are an illness that have a strong potential to be deadly, harm a persons development in both mind and body, and hurts everyone around it. Broken up into subcatagories, such as anorexic, bulimic (purging/laxative/obsessive exercise), and compulsive eating, eating disorder are more then just restricting. And I ask you now, that if you feel you may be heading in any of these directions, to please stop reading. This is NOT a pro ana article my any means, but as someone whose loved ones have battled these illnesses, I know how even the more vague mention if such things can cause harm.
There was first the rule of W (where ones fingers make a W shape when they put their fingers between two exposed ribs), second there was the thigh gap (where ones legs are so thin that the thighs will not touch even when feet are together), sadly now there is another frightening trend.
The newest trend amongst young women dubbed the “Bikini Bridge”. The Bikini Bridge is the small between a person’s stomach and their bikini bottom. This creates the appearance of a bridge through protruding hip bones holding up the fabric, rather then ones lower stomach. It is also known as a concave stomach.
The saddest part about this new trend is the fact that it is being unintentionally induced by celebrities. Where as some sites are making claims that they will be more desirable if only they has a bikini bridge.
A article published in BuzzFeed, “Perks of Having a Bikini Bridge” gave light to the situation with some frightening quotes.
“Harry Style will be 874 times more attracted to you!”, “You and your friends will be the talk of the town.”
What is more saddening and frustrating is the fact that even celebrity reps are going as far as denying any comment made in that direction. Now, I don’t know about you, but if they take the time to do that, then it may have some truth to it.
This is a disgusting and dangerous trend that needs to be nipped in the bud before it causes any more harm. Remember, you are beautiful and no blog or magazine can ever take that away from you.

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