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Over Sprayed Men

I’m sorry to say this ladies, but when it comes to this certain problem, we have no one to blame but ourselves. The jokes and stereotypes focusing around male body odors have finally taken their toll after years of deadpan humor. Because, let’s face it and confess, when you think of someone with body odor you mind will always go towards men, rather then women. T.V shows, the media, and standup comedians have only enforced the stereotype of the smelly man.
“Men who fart in church own their own pew”
Now, ladies, it seems that all of our jokes, criticism, and “helpful” directions, have finally bit us on the butt. And now, we are facing a problem of the opposite nature. Instead of smelling of body odor, more and more men are becoming unbearable to be around, and it’s not because of what you think.
In this minor epidemic men are dousing themselves with, what smells like, gallons and gallons of cologne. And I don’t think our poor noses can take it any longer! Because personally, I rather have a man that smells “average”, then a man who turns heads when he walks in the room in their hope of finding the scent.
But I do not think that this is intentional on the men’s part. In a recent article, published in Daily Mail, it claims that men apply more cologne then needed because they can’t smell the cologne on them. They even did a survey where 72% of men over spray, 70% were never taught how to apply, and 83% of women say that their nose have been assaulted.
So listen all of you boys, men, and gentlemen, all you need is one spritz in the morning and on spritz in the evening. That’s it! Out poor noses can’t take the abuse any more.

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