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70’s Food Horrors

I have always loved any kind of food on television. Don’t ask me why, but I have always rather watch cooking shows, travel food countdowns and documentaries set around food.
That doesn’t make me obsessed does it? Okay, maybe just a little. But oh well!
So was no surprise last night, that in my hopeless case of insomnia, I was watching YouTube videos of cooking shows in the hope that I would be lulled to sleep with talk of sautéed garlic and julienned veggies. But as anyone who has ever gone on YouTube knows, a person can never watch just ONE video. And so, it was five in the morning when I stumbled upon an amazing food series, Super-sizers Go. A British based reality/documentary that feature a man and women as they go back in time to experience different cuisines. They have traveled back to Ancient Rome, regency, French Revolution, and many other eras.
The entire series was entertaining, educational, and above all funny. But there was one episode that stuck out to me above all others, and that was, the 70’s.
Why the 70’s you may ask? Because of the sheer fear that I felt of a close billet. If I was born only a few decades sooner, then I would of had to suffer through that horrible food. Okay, perhaps horrible is to strong of a word, but it’s pretty unpleasant.
The 70’s was all about food of convenience and looks. The need for convenience led to the break out of processed foods of new proportions: microwave dinners, add water shakers, and Hamburger Helper.
And now we get to the scary part. The “I want my dinner party to be the talk of the neighborhood so I’m going to make creative and elaborate dishes and forget about flavors” kind of scary. The 70’s was home to dishes that were off putting, pretty, and just plain weird. The culprit for these kitchen disasters is Betty Draper, the Martha Stewart of the 70s’, and her cooking tips. Some of the most bizarre of the dishes consist of Frozen Cheese Salad, Jellied Tomato Refresher.
According to an article in Daily Mail, gelatin was a starring ingredient in many of the dishes,
“The most prevalent ingredient is of course gelatin, which was used to turn all manner of foods into a texture that could be served as either a loaf or from an elaborate jello mold.”
Yum, sounds appetizing, doesn’t it?

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