Hosted in the heart of Italy, or as some may say the heart of high fashion, a much anticipated fashion event will take place on January 24th. The AltaRoma, hosted in the great city of Rome, is a special fashion event that takes place two times a year. Aside from the media focused fashion weeks that take place during the Spring and Winter season, the AltaRoma is known as the center stage of Rome’s fashion lovers.


The AltaRoma will be taking place in Rome’s Complesso monumentale Santo Spirito in Saxia, a breath taking castle like structure that was built in the 8th century as originally a hospital for the poor. Taking traditional runway to new and amazing heights, the AltaRoma has proven itself to be more then just a simple fashion show. With elements of fashion shows, unordinary events and unique performances all wrapped up into one night of fashion spectacular, this is a event that must not be missed.


Another thing that sets the AltaRoma apart from the average fashion show is the fact that designers, both established and new, come together in one show. The AltaRoma is seen by many “designer babies” as a way to break out into the fashion industry with a force all their own.

But don’t forget to stay and watch the “Who’s On Next”; a contest created by AltaRoma and Vogue Italia to find the next big name in fashion.

So whether you are in it for the fashion or the breathtaking events, the AltaRoma is an event that you must see and experience for yourself.


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