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Plus SIze?

       The question that has been going through the media is “If we are getting larger and larger, then why are models shrinking?” This question has brought light the ever expanding notion between reality and fantasy. Where the distance in appearance between models and the average woman has grown so far apart, that it seems as though they are different species within themselves.
The average American woman weighs 140 pounds and measures 5’4″. The average runway model weighs 110 pounds and measures 5’10”.
       In a startling discovery, we have found that it is not just runway and “traditional” models that are growing smaller, but it is also their plus size counterparts. This is alarming to women of plus size because, even now, they are having less and less women to look up to for body inspiration. The shrinking plus size model has effected thinner women as well, going as far as to claim that a small size 6 woman is considered plus size. So what? Does that mean you are only considered slender, or to some beautiful, if you pants read the numbers 0,2&4?
       And dare I say, that there is an even worst trend that is happening within the shops. Even with plus size models getting smaller, the mannequins that model plus size garments are getting even smaller then the models.
Alex LaRosa, a size 16 plus size model, came to the Huffington Post with some insight about the shrinking mannequins. The model makes the claim garments that are made for size 16 women are being modeled by mannequins as small as size 8. That’s half the size of the plus size model and potential client. This causes low self-esteem to women who are given an unrealistic view of what clothes should look like on them.
“You’re telling women, “You want to look like these models. This is what you should look like, but it’s never going to happen.”
       LaRosa says that the shrinking idealism of the plus size model has also made it harder for models of bigger sizes to find work. So not only are women’s self-esteems being effected by this change, but it’s putting people out of work.
Which brings me to this question, “Why is this happening?”

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