Makeup Trends

            With spring just around the corner, the newest fashion trends are starting to make their mark on the street. Stores are stocking their shelves and loading their racks with the latest fashion inspired by the runways of some of the greatest fashion capitals of the world. Plus, those poor trends from last season are being put in the clearance aisle.
But, personally, I have always been more into the fashion trends that makeup, rather then clothing. And I could not be more happy with the makeup trends that at coming on strong for Spring 2014. This spring will be big with colors, colors and more COLORS.
Top Makeup Trends of Spring 2014
  • Bright Orange Lipstick


  • Soft Berry Lips


  • Blue Eye Shadow


  • Gold/Sparkly Eye Shadow


Don’t these sound just amazing? Oh, you agree? Then head to your favorite makeup store and buy yourself some gold eyeliner.

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