The Union Oyster House

Okay, I’m not going to lie; I honestly thought that the oldest restaurant in the U.S couldn’t be any older then the 1920’s. But after doing some research, I soon found out that I couldn’t be farther for the truth, or as much as it pains me to say, more wrong.  With simply going to Google and typing in “Oldest Restaurant in America”, I discovered that the oldest restaurant in the U.S is actually almost two centuries old.

Okay, okay, you can stop laughing at my super awesome high-tech spy research skills. Yes, I know, your jealous; I would be to if I were you.

Located in Boston, The Union Oyster House is the oldest restaurant in the U.S having been first opened to the public in 1826. It has been rewarded a title as an official landmark and is a must to all those who pass through Boston.


            The Union Oyster House is not only is it known for it’s age, but this land marked restaurant is also well know for it’s amazing decorum. When you walk in, it is like walking back in time. The furniture is made up of dark polished wood and the cushions are made from dark red velvet. There are pictures of historical figures gracing the walls and for a moment you wonder if they are as old as the restaurant itself. Some of them sure look like it! Lamps that you have only seen in old movies are attached to the walls and give you an illusion of mystery and make you feel like you are in another world.


            The Union Oyster House is best known for it’s giant oyster bar and delicious seafood sections. But for those of you who aren’t the biggest seafood fans, have no fear, The Union Oyster House offers choices of steak and chicken as well.  For just a taste of what this restaurant holds, let me give you a taste. Appetizers: Shrimp Cocktail($14.95), Fried Calamari($11.95), Clam Casino($13.50). Soups: Fish Chowder($7.95), Oyster Stew($14.95), (Onion Gratinee($7.50). Entrée: Filet Mignon ($33.95), Pan Seared Haddock($26.95), Ye Olde Seafood Platter($29.95). Desserts: Apple Cobbler($7.95), Boston Cream Pie($7.95), Gingerbread($6.95).


The Union Oyster House is not only famous for being the oldest restaurant in the U.S, but it has gained fame throughout the years of serving up dishes to people of glory and fame.  They have served up the Kennedy Clan and even Daniel Webster; whom was most known for by the staff as coming in on a regular basis to dine on six plates of oyster. But the most shocking of all was a certain royal customer they had from the years 1830 to 1848. The French King, Louis Philippe, lived above the restaurant after being run out of France; he was their most frequent diner.

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