Startling New Trend

It has come to my attention that women are just life-sized puzzles. And the bad thing is, it is us women who created this title and stereotype for ourselves. For one of the first times, in what seems like ages, it is on our own shoulders that hold the most blame for this not to recent epidemic.

Plastic surgery can be seen as many things. It can be seen as a fearful tact to recreate your body, a status symbolizer to show your ability to both have the determination and money, and a god send to those who desire a “quick” fix. The crazy over having plastic surgery is not a new occurrence, believe it or not, but it has been around for hundreds of years in different methods. No, what is different about plastic surgery in our current society is the stereotype that goes along with it; and that, everyone, is barely none.


Today, women are having more and more plastic surgery done without battling an eye to the criticism of others. It is no longer seen as a “sin”, but a “virtue” if you will.

The newest plastic surgery trend is, you’ll never believe this, but Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows. This newest celebrity inspired plastic surgery has women coming into the doctor’s office asking for eyebrow transplants. Now, before I get into more about this newest fad, I would just like to say one quick thing; I know that Cara has great eyebrows but would you ever have eyebrow transplants to achieve them?


Going back to the thick eyebrow trend of 2010, Cara Delevigne ‘s eyebrows are leading the way to the 2014 trend of thick eyebrows. And the soar of eyebrow transplants are proof that the trend is on the rise not even a month since the new year started.

The eyebrow transplant cost an average of $2,000. This procedure is not a cheap and can cost as much as some of the bigger procedures in the plastic surgery range. Bringing the question to our head; Is the price worth it?

Well, to these women, the answer to that is a deafening, YES!


According to an article published in Daily Mail, eyebrow transplants have increased by 45% since 2010 and are steadily rising. The average age for women who desire to have this surgery is thirty years old.

“According to a cosmetic surgery group the bushy-browed supermodel has inspired a massive increase in the number of women looking to fill in their sparse eyebrows with a transplant.”

So, what do you guys think? Would you be willing to shell out $2,000 and have a pair of new eyebrows?

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