WeddingPauser: Angelina Jolie

“Everybody stop what you’re doing! Return the wedding dress and tuxedos! Feed the cake to the ring barer and flower girl! And for the love of god and all that is whole, please, please send back all of these flowers; what are we running, a flower shop? Everybody come on and step it up, get out of here. There has been an emergency with the bride! Oh my god, no, it can’t be! Oh god, it is. No!!!”

Okay, enough with my little dialogue of a wedding gone wrong, or at least in this case, horribly wrong. But, then again, I’m currently watching Godzilla as background noise while writing this; so that could also be a big reason as to why the ending sounds like a horror show. But even without the influence of the Japanese inspired over grown lizard film, I must say that from experience this mini dialogue does hold some truth within it. I once attended a wedding that had bats fly above the people the entire night and two got stuck in the cake….

Anyway, it’s no secret that a bride’s happiness can make or break a wedding. If the bride’s happy then everyone else is happy; if the bride’s pissed off everyone will feel her wrath. This is such a popular stereotype that that has even made hit television shows around the subject, aka, Bridezilla.


Needless to say, an entire wedding can be destroyed, or even canceled, if a bride does not believe that the wedding is perfect. Whether it’s because she gained so weight, her fiancé gained some weight, the catering company doesn’t have whole grain pasta, the band bailed, whatever it is, it is a potential excuse to call off a wedding.

Not even celebrities are exempt from this problem and this newest case has really shown us that no dilemma is to small to yell a “Cut!”


The newest wedding pauser has been said to be Angelina Jolie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith actress, and her veins. These veins aren’t just any kind of veins, though, these veins are bulging veins; you know, the type that poke out of the skin along your arms. You usually see them on overly buffed up meatheads at the gym, but they can also be seen in women (and men) who are underweight. So I guess it’s no surprise as to why the ultra skinny Jolie has them.

But just because she has had them for years, doesn’t mean that she has to like them, or even does like them for that mater. This is proven when an article published in the Daily Mail released information that Angelina Jolie is refusing to walk down the aisle with Brad Pitt until her veins have been medically “Zapped” away.


A source from the actress claims that the actress doesn’t want to go on with the wedding because she feels that she would look like a “monster” in her wedding dress.

“She never had an incentive to do anything about it until now. She’s chosen a sleeveless gown for her wedding day, and the last thing she wants is to be looking like a freak in the photographs.”

Goes to show us that even the most beautiful women are insecure about certain things.

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